Grilled Cheese

I know this won’t seem like much to most people, but I made a grilled cheese today by myself, didn’t call the ex, and it was DELICIOUS!

As a background to this seemingly meaningless story, I can cook, and I cook well. My biggest struggle in the kitchen was grilled cheese. I used to toast the bread in the toaster and microwave it after putting cheese on the toast because I didn’t want to burn the bread.

I made grilled cheese for the ex this way. They promptly threw the sandwich away and made possibly the best grilled cheese I’ve ever eaten. After that, they made all of my grilled cheese sandwiches because I loved the way they made them.

Today, I was really craving one of those buttery, melty grilled cheeses. I made one for myself, and it was great. It’s probably dumb, but it kind of made me feel like I may be okay without my ex.


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